Hi, I'm Jamie Pugh - founder of FootSteps LifeStyle.

Me, in one of my runs.
Good thing I don't do the washing
in my house.

I am a final year Sport and Exercise Science student at Loughborough University. This blog is here to give you advice, tips and my own comment on most things health, fitness, exercise and weightloss. Some of the stuff will come from what I pick up in the news, in lectures and things generally take my fancy.

I have been involved in sport all my life. Since I could walk, a round, leather object, also known as a football, has been attatched to the end of my foot. I have also flirted with boxing and cross-country running when I was younger but football has always been my main sport. 

In September 2010, just on the back of football training, I ran my first marathon. I had always thought running was soul-suckingly boring and that I would never get into running. Well, one year, around 10 races and hundreds of miles later, I'm still hooked. Attemtping a triathlon is next on the agenda hopefully.

All I want to get out of this blog is to pass on some information for people to use in their lifes, get more people active and perhaps do it without being completley boring.

Keep an eye out for http://www.footstepslifestyle.co.uk/ which will be coming soon with articles, videos, chat and much, mcuh more.

If there is anything at all you want to know about any of the blog posts or about your health or fitness in general then please ask and I will always do my best to get you the best answer. If there is a topic you want me to cover then let me know and I will do my best.

Apologies for the cheesy line but...

FootSteps LifeStyle: you set the limits, we help you get there - one step at a time

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