Friday, 2 September 2011

Morning Routine

When we first wake up we feel groggy, have serious morning breathe and don’t feel like doing anything. We trudge down the stairs in our pyjamas and slippers, slouch at the breakfast table and try to summon every ounce of energy   we have to start another day (more than likely with the aid of a coffee).
Now, most people have heard how we should all eat a nutritious breakfast yet most of us don’t even eat anything. So would there be much point in repeating all that here now? The answer is probably no. So, what’s this article about?
There are three ways the body burns energy. Put simply, these are – burning energy performing the internal processes that keep us alive (your metabolism), exercising and digesting the food you eat. When you first wake up in the morning you have two choices. The first is our groggy, do-nothing routine which means that the only energy being burned is from our internal processes (which is very little). The second is to have something nourishing to eat (the occasional fry-up may be permitted) and to do some exercise. Eating something will increase the energy we use in two ways; energy is needed to digest that food and, also, when we eat something our metabolism starts to speed up.
So, we’ve had something nutritious to eat, now for a little exercise. Now, exercising in the morning does not have to mean a 6am 10 mile run. Morning exercise can be anything....stretching, walking to the shop to get the paper or even walking the kids to school. Just do something. Exercising in the morning burns off energy, helps you feel more awake (exercise can be more stimulating than a cup of strong coffee) and gives your metabolism another kick start. Stretching is a particularly good morning exercise; it’s not too strenuous, it can help you wake up gradually, it can help relieve tense and tight muscles and you can do it in your pyjamas. Try it tomorrow. Stretch while the kettle’s on, while you’re brushing your teeth and before you get dressed. It’s that easy to fit into your morning. Don’t know what stretches to do? is a good webpage with pictures and descriptions of some simple stretches you can do.
So, set yourself up for another hectic day. Have something decent to eat and get a little active. Your metabolism will be firing.
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