Monday, 12 September 2011

Want to Guest Post


I would love to have other writers put in their thoughts and experiences on FootSteps LifeStyle blog. If you're interested, please email me at with your article idea(s). Please put 'Guest Post' in the subject area.

FootSteps LifeStyle Guest Posting Guide Lines (The Rules)

This is a weight loss, health and fitness blog, so please keep the topics related to food, health, weight loss or products or people revolving around those subjects. If you have a fringe topic just email me and we might be able to work with it. I accept product reviews as well, except for products I already have reviewed or are in the process of reviewing. I'm also tentatively willing to accept articles about a product(s) you may be selling as long as it is healthy and revolves around this blog's subjects.

Be Unique:
Please submit something different and/or unique and not something that's been covered tirelessly by every other blog. Also, please submit material that you have not published before either on another website or your own.

Please include a Byline:
A Byline is a short paragraph about yourself and your website. You may have up to 2 backlinks in your Byline.

Other Links:
You may have up to 3 reference links in the main body of the guest post, but please keep them relevant to the article.

I reserve the right to make small edits to the article to help with flow. If extreme editing is needed I will ask you for another draft. If you have images you want included in the article, please attach or link them in the article email with a few words on the source(s) of the images and I will stick them in.

After Publication:
I ask that you please check back to your guest post frequently for approx. 2 weeks after your article is published to answer any comments and questions. I also ask that you advertise your guest post with whatever social networking site(s) you like such as twitter, facebook, etc.

Reasons Why Guest Posting is Good for your Website or Blog:

  1. It adds targeted backlinks for your website or blog
  2. It exposes you and your writing to other readers
  3. It connects you to other webmasters and bloggers
  4. It gives you more traffic to your website or blog

And that's it! After you've submitted your post for review I will get back to you within one week to let you know if I'll be using it, and should be published within a week after that. Please note: if I have a lot of guest post requests I will only be publishing one to two guest posts per week; so it's first come first serve but I'll give you an estimated publish date if it takes longer than a week.

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